Video content of webcam models

As some users of our site have already seen, video clips with our webcam models can be found not only in the direct profiles, but in the “Video” section as well. So, what’s the difference between them and why all the videos of our webcam models cannot be concentrated within one section? Everything is quite simple and we’ll answer this question in the end of the post. But, first of all, lets specify the types of video content and the certain sections where our webcam model can place videos.

The model can place as many videos as she\he wants within her\his private profile. They have no time neither quantity limits inside the profile.

But there are some restrictions concerning the quality and, of course, content of the video. It’s forbidden to publish videos inside the profile which are prohibited by law, have too poor quality or if they are edited with various symbols, such as hearts, strawberries and alike.

We are for the natural beauty and it doesn’t need extra decorating.

Concerning the “Video” section — everything is a bit different here.

Of course, the restrictions on the video content publishing are the same. In addition, the minimal video length should be two minutes.

So, now, lets come back to the question about the placement of videos: why all of them cannot be concentrated within one section?

We’re just trying to avoid a mess inside the “Video” section. It should demonstrate only those videos, which are worth your attention. We sincerely hope that visiting this section will be pleasurable for you, and our webcam models will delight you with new hot videos on a regular manner.

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