What is a pre-release and why is it needed.

Surely many of you have noticed that in the profiles of models there is such an item as “pre-release”, it comes naked and dressed. But judging by your comments and feedback not everyone knows and understands what it is and what it is for. I hasten to disappoint a lot of people, it’s not a free model’s call where she will answer your questions and show you all of her charms for free. Pre-release costs money, usually it costs a symbolic amount of no more than a couple of dollars. And this money is not necessary for the model as a salary, it shows that you’re really a solvent interlocutor and not just wasting her time to talk.

If you like a webcam model and you want to have a virtual sex with her via webcam, you should order a pre-release from her. For this token amount of money you can see the model in person and make sure that the photo in the profile actually is hers. (more…)